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Balance of Plant
Balance of Plant
Balance of Plant

Maven Power provides balance of plant electrical equipment including: 

  1. Transformers
  2. Switchgear
  3. Protection and metering
  4. Automation systems
  5. Transmission and distribution equipment
  6. Integrated transformer and BoP protection and monitoring systems (more here)

We specialize in equipment to get the generated power up to the transmission/distribution line (up to 230kV) and can supply components from the ground grid to the interconnect. Our engineered approach allows for the best possible integration of all supplied or existing equipment.

Maven Power has extensive experience providing turn-key EPC fuel systems for complete fuel supply management:

  1. Liquid and natural gas systems
  2. Fuel metering (custody transfer or industrial)
  3. Centrifuges
  4. Fuel filtration and coalescers
  5. Pump stations
  6. Complete fuel system automation
  7. Storage tanks
  8. Full integration with generation equipment and plant SCADA systems
  9. Additional information on our Fuel System Capabilities


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