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Natural Gas Engines

For applications requiring high thermal efficiency and fuel flexibility, Maven has extensive experience with high performance gas engines.  We analyze fuel quality and load profiles to ensure optimal performance and that utilization goals are achieved, and then engineer and integrate all system components to maximize return on investment.  Our exclusive plant-integrated controls allow for maximum power output regardless of ambient conditions, plant load, or utility import power.

Diesel  Engines

For standby or temporary power, or in areas where no other fuel supply is available, diesel engines are one of the best alternatives.  With experience in everything from resorts to summer peaking or hydroelectric bridging, this versatile option is one of the mainstays of our experience base.  Our team has turn-key experience with large diesel plants (50MW+) in both grid-parallel and off-grid applications. 

Maven Power also provides state of the art fuel metering equipment for determining natural gas or diesel fuel consumption and plant heat rates. Check out our Net Fuel Metering Station designed especially for generators using an onboard or local day tank.

Heavy Fuel Oil

As one of the lowest cost generation solutions available in small to medium power generation applications, engines running on heavy (residual) fuels are an attractive option.  Maven’s team starts with a powerful financial analysis of this technology to provide insight into both the long and short term impacts to your balance sheet and then executes to ensure maximum plant availability and longevity.


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