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Video Spotlight � Why Industrial Cogeneration Makes Sense Right Now


Now is the right time to consider cogeneration for your plant. With gas prices at historic lows, electricity prices remaining stubbornly high, and the cost of money at extremely attractive rates, cogeneration is a smart choice for small and medium size projects. The chart below shows break-even periods (in years) for a cogeneration plant generating 5.3MW of electricity and 20,000 pph of steam for a range of natural gas prices ($4-$14 per MMBtu). In many cases, the payback is less than 3 years. For larger plants, the economics are even more compelling.

Break-Even Analysis in years (5.3MW Cogeneration Plant)

Electricity Price (USD/kWh)

Download our Cogeneration White Paper showing why Small Scale Cogeneration makes sense right now. It is also available in Spanish: Papel Tecnico-Estudio de Factibilidad de Cogeneracion.

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