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System Integration System Integration
System Integration
System Integration

As part of a full service offering, Maven Power provides the equipment and integration of power system components including:  generators, power transformers and switchgear, on-site transmission and distribution, fuel systems, protection, metering, and remote monitoring systems. 

Integration with customer’s legacy equipment is never a problem.

Maven Power has experience designing and integrating on-site generation with existing electric utilities from 15kV up to 230kV and natural gas fuel supplies up to transmission delivery pressures.

A detailed approach towards permanent installations ensures component compatibility, minimizes startup delays, and ensures long-term life of all energy assets.  Our extensive experience in temporary power projects ensures a balance between system features, project execution times, and total installed cost to maximize customer value.

Whether you’re looking to build a complete, new installation or re-power an existing site, Maven Power provides a partnership, single-source approach to meet your objectives.


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